Graduate Students

The Marine Sciences Program provides an inter-disciplinary atmosphere for students to broaden their intellectual and research horizons. The Marine Science Seminar Series, state of the art-facilities, specifically designated research and travel funding, a beautiful location and the chance to interact with visiting scholars are among the benefits of being under the Marine Sciences umbrella. Our goal is to become a national and international leader in training students for careers in the marine sciences. Feel free to contact any faculty in the Program for additional information.

Current graduate students also can provide additional information as to the exciting aspects to being a part of this rapidly growing program. Current students at the BBC campus include:

  • Rebecca Bernard (M.S. - Fourqurean)
  • Jerry Berry (Ph.D. - Noriega and Berry)
  • Amanda Bourque (Ph.D. - Fourqurean)
  • Derek Burkholder (Ph.D. - Heithaus)
  • Katy Cameron (Ph.D. - Heithaus)
  • Justin Campbell (Ph.D. - Fourqurean)
  • Bryan Dewsbury (Ph.D. - Fourqurean)
  • Meagan Dunphy-Daly (Ph.D. - Heithaus)
  • Vanessa Haley (M.S. - Layman)
  • Zayda Halun (Ph.D. - Fourqurean)
  • Asha Jaja (M.S. - Berry)
  • Zachary Jud (Ph.D. - Layman)
  • Elizabeth Lacey (Ph.D. - Fourqurean)
  • Phil Matich (M.S. Heithaus)
  • Casuarina McKinney-Lambert (Ph.D. - Layman)
  • Caroline Peyer (Ph.D. - Layman)
  • Adam Rosenblat (Ph.D. - Heithaus)
  • Elizabeth Stoner (Ph.D. - Layman)
  • Patty Suchy (M.S. - Berry)
  • Travis Thyberg (M.S. - Fourqurean)
  • Jeremy Vaudo (Ph.D. - Heithaus)
  • Samantha Whitcraft (Ph.D. - Layman)
  • Lauren Yeager (Ph.D. - Layman)

Co-advised students in the program

  • Jake Allgeier (Layman, co-advised with Amy Rosemond, Univ. of Georgia)
  • Megan Seese (Layman, co-advised with Jennifer Rehage, Dept of Environmental Studies)