About The Lab

Our coastal systems are changing in different directions and responding to different stressors and contexts. What kind of information can macroalgae tell us about the status and community shifts in different coastal environments? In our lab we are interested in a wide range of questions:

  1. Develop macroalgal indicators that will allow us detect changes in coastal waters in Biscayne Bay and Florida Bay.
  2. Understand the role of macroalgae in a coral reef system context. We are studying macroalage as indicators of phase-shifts and resilience.
  3. What can macroalgae tell us about acidification of the oceans and coastal lagoons?
  4. Are community level studies relevant to present ecological questions?
  5. We are also interested to find ways to deliver our findings to managers, and stakeholders affected by coastal alterations. Working with Marine Parks is one of our highest priorities. We learn by sharing.

In the Marine Macroalgae Research Laboratory we have a passion for nature. We are looking to share our findings and work on new challenges.