Sea Water Facilities

The Marine Science Building houses 2 large Aquarium Rooms used for wet lab research. Sea Water is supplied from a salt water well with a maximum capacity of 170 gpm.

In addition to the building's sea water capabilities, we also have an outdoor fish tank area called the "Mesocosms". The Mesocosms, located next to our boat ramp and dock, houses 3 large independently filtered tanks and a series of smaller unfiltered circular tanks for experimental use. Sea Water is supplied from a dedicated salt water well.

The first step to request use of any of the sea water facilities is to submit a short project proposal. This proposal should outline what you want to do, how many tanks you need, other equipment needed, funding source (if any), organisms involved (vertebrates will also require IACUC approval), any special needs, as well as the requested start and expected end dates. This proposal should be emailed to Joel Trexler , along with an email from your major adviser stating that he/she has reviewed your plans and supports the project. Technical questions about the facilities can be directed to Bill Chamberlain . In addition to the proposal, a copy of your Standard Operating Procedures should be submitted as well. The facilities Standard Operating Procedures can be found here. Due to variety of aquatic organisms and the subsequent variety of husbandry needs, these SOP's are broad based and should be used as base to create SOP's specific to the needs of the species being worked with.