Aquarium Room

The "Aquarium Room" is our indoor wet lab facility, located on the ground floor of the Marine Science building. Seawater is supplied via a redundant well and filtration system, and piped into the lab with multiple taps available to supply water at the turn of a valve. There is a 200 gallon reservoir of seawater that is filtered with a protein skimmer and ozonizer to supply high quality seawater (suitable for coral and larval fish) for closed system work. The aquarium room consists of open floor space that allows flexible set up to meet individual needs, as well as some existing set ups available for use. Existing set ups are a tank rack system that can accommodate up to 20 gallon long sized fish tanks, and a "coral rack".

The "coral rack" is a system of 24 individual 10 gallon size insulated tanks with the ability for individual temperature control. A chilled water loop provides chilled water to individually controlled heat exchangers to allow for precise chilling. If heating is needed, researcher supplied heaters can readily be plugged into the available outlets on the back of the rack. Lighting is supplied by 4 bulb T-5 fluorescent fixtures, with each fixture covering a set of 3 tanks and on individual timers.