The "Mesocosm" area is an outdoor facility located next the Marine Science boat ramp and dock. Seawater is supplied from a well and processed via a sand filter and UV sterilizer. Available for use are 16 small (about 250 gallon) circular tanks that can be used as closed system or low volume flow through. There are also several 1000 watt "L" type titanium heaters available to boost temperatures above ambient. 3 large (10,656 gallon) circular tanks are also located out here for use. These tanks are set up for recirculation system use with sand filters. One tank is set up with duel pump, filters, and a large UV sterilizer adequate high bio-load needs. Both large and small tanks are located under canopies that protect them from direct sunlight and rain. There is an open area in between the large tanks and small tanks that can be used to set up experiments that require direct sunlight.