Marine Sciences Hires

The Marine Sciences program is excited to announce the recent hires of two outstanding young scientists.

Deron Burkepile is an ecologist that focuses on how biotic and abiotic forces affect the community organization and ecosystem function of marine and terrestrial systems, with particular emphasis on the cascading effects of altering trophic interactions and ecosystem productivity. Deron received his Ph.D, under the mentoring of Dr. Mark Hay at Georgia Tech and recently served as the Brown Post-doctoral Fellow at Yale University. He joined us in August 2008.

Rebecca Vega-Thurber uses metagenomics and molecular biology to explore viral ecology of tropical reefs with a focus on how viruses may contribute to coral health. She received her Ph.D. at Stanford University and is currently a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow based at San Diego State University. She joined us in January 2009.